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Before spending $600 on that fancy driver that still won’t go straight think about investing $200 to build a swing that will last a lifetime.

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“For the golfer that wants positive visual feedback this is the best ever golf training aid.”

-PGA Teaching Professional Bob Lennon

“My #1 [player], who has been hitting the ball awful for about a week, used the stick for 30 minutes before his round today (grooving his takeaway) and shot 68 - thank you!”

-**Erin Brilhart, Head Coach, Mt. Saint Maryís University Golf Team

“…after only a couple of weeks with the Smart Stick, I hit the ball with an ease and into places never before accomplished. I was one inch away from a hole in one on a 178 yard par three.”

-Beasley Reece, Former NY Giant All Pro and Current Sports Anchor

“Had a great trip to Bandon Dunes. … Played great, and I think it is due in large measure to the smart stick getting me back on plane.”

-Andy Rubin

Smart Stick Clients

  • Mt. Saint Mary’s University Golf Team
    • Mr. Erin Brilhart, Head Coach
  • University of Pennsylvania Golf Team
    • Head Coach, Francis Vaughn
  • Mr. Robert Hammer
    • Boynton Beach, FL: PGA Master Professional.
  • Tim Turpin
    • West Palm Beach, FL: Gateway Tour, Professional Player.
  • John Appleget
    • Dorothy, NJ: PGA Member, Professional Player and Teacher.
  • Bob Lennon
    • Egg Harbor, NJ: PGA Member, Philadelphia Section. 20 year teacher and operator of South Jersey Jr. Golf Foundation.
  • Darren Munroe
    • West Palm Beach, FL: Professional Teacher at Ibis Golf & Country Club.

…And Many More

Smart Stick Captains

Smart Stick Captains: Bruce Fleisher - October 2 2007
Smart Stick Captains: Bruce Fleisher

News Flash: Bruce Fleisher is the latest user of the Smart Stick and in a very short period of time he has seen the power of the Smart Stick. In Bruce’s words “it is the first time in my career that I am able to simultaneously see and feel the proper positions and path of the golf swing. I was quickly able to see the flaw in my swing and making the correction was simple.” The Smart Stick is going to greatly reduce the amount of time required to learn the golf swing and practice perfect every time.

Bruce’s career in golf includes winning the 1968 U.S. Amateur Championship, The U.S Senior Open Championship, The 2000 Irish Senior Open Championship and 18 Champions Tour Events. Bruce’s success came later in life proving it is never too late to take the steps to improve your golf game.